Loom Connection

Loom Connection is NedGraphics solution to control and manage your electronic jacquard looms and link them with your design archive. With Loom Connection, you can track the status of your weave jobs, do effective version management, monitor loom efficiency, capture, store and transfer loom parameters, add information to weave jobs, and automatically rearrange harness layouts. Loom Connection provides you with full control and minimizes errors, 24/7.

Loom Connection can be fully integrated with NedGraphics Jacquard Pro and third party solutions. Loom Connection delivers production data to the right jacquard controllers at the right time. The system also allows loom operators to retrieve jobs from the server. When the loom operator modifies production information the adjusted pattern can be merged directly with the original. Loom Connection enables effective and consistent design management. Current designs can never be overwritten without prior notification. Amendments made on the loom controller can be stored directly in the original database. Corrections are automatically incorporated into the production data the next time it is sent over the network. Email notifications can be issued to anticipate production flaws or controller availability. Loom Connection can be integrated with any existing planning system.

Features & Benefits:

  • Supports ALL Bonas (200/250/400/500/600/800), Stäubli (JC4,JC5,JC6 & JC7), and Grosse controllers.
  • Automatic harness conversion: only one master card needed.
  • Currently support for Dornier AT II and FT1 panels and Picanol ID2/3 dobby looms.
  • Create weaveplans for all Stäubli, Bonas, and Grosse jacquards.
  • Send a complete package to the controller at once.
  • Pre-define cleaning of designs on the controllers.
  • Centralized system for all production data (cards).
  • Visualize current status of weaving mill in one screen.
  • Import weave orders directly from Excel.
  • Handle loom parameters per design.
  • Automatic card transformations can be applied by using macro functions.
  • Improved handling of loom parameters (speed, density, warp tensions etc. ….) for Stäubli JC5,JC6 & JC7 format.
  • Extended planning including Weave Programs, titles and weft or box motion rearrangements.
  • Macro’s allow Loom Connection to modify (part of) the card just before it is sent to the Jacquard controller. This allows you to tune data to the loom’s specifics.
  • Collect loom status information with the Monitoring module.

Loom Connection Card Editing

Full control over your jacquard looms.

One way of working with Loom Connection is to have a separate database with "just approved for production cards." This means that the CAD department and the production department have each their own database. The production database contains only real cards (ncc) and not pdcs.

This plug-in allows you to open those “cards” from the Loom Connection Database and modify them if so desired. Tools for inserting weaves, drawing lines, etc. are included. Modifications can be changing selvedge weaves, selector changes, etc.

This does not affect in any way what is happening on the CAD side. Production is responsible for the upkeep of its own database. Communication from the CAD department to the Production database is done via the Loom Connection Import module.

The Card Editing tool can be used in Texcelle and TexFlash.

NedGraphics Loom Connection

NedGraphics full mill overview

NedGraphics full mill overview