Product Data Management

NedGraphics PDM is a powerful, highly flexible product data management system that is configured according to your business requirements. Information can be retrieved within seconds! NedGraphics PDM is the ultimate solution to keep track of thousands or even millions of designs. These designs and related product data are made available throughout your organization; for sales, marketing, product development, sampling & production.

NedGraphics PDM can be integrated with other enterprise systems (ERP, PLM, CRM) in order to provide detailed, timely information along with the right visual. The functionality of NedGraphics PDM is integrated with all NedGraphics solutions. This makes it easy to archive and organize designs, as filing is executed while designers are working. The system allows specific business rules to be set in order to automate tasks and link with 3rd party systems.

NedGraphics PDM offers the content management functions to create e-catalogs. Access can be restricted at various levels. Exclusive designs can be made visible only to authorized customers. Remote sites and customers around the globe have access to your resources without the need to install software. A simple browser is sufficient.

New Generation of Data Collection

NedGraphics has been supplying industrial software solutions for the textile industry for more than 30 years. We are pleased to present our 3rd software generation for data collection based on the latest technologies.

NedGraphics PDM comes with a lower entry level for collecting data directly from your CAD systems, which also can be integrated with your existing systems such as ERP, PLM and CRM.

Features & Benefits:

  • Automatic filing of designs and design information as designers work.
  • Business process optimization for various processes such as project management, sample approval and management, sketch and design archiving.
  • Product presentation using a standard web browser.
  • Integrated 3D presentation to show and print designs in life-like ambience.
  • Integrated coloring of designs with highly realistic Truecolor support.
  • Customized style sheets and reports like sales books.
  • Flexible reporting structure allows you to create catalogs on the fly.
  • Integrated with Reporting Enterprise to create collection catalogs and customer specific catalogs.
  • Work with standard or customized color books.

Customer Benefits:

  • Reduce time to market
  • Improve sales efficiency
  • Enhance communication with clients
  • Create fast presentations
  • Reduce sampling costs
  • Find designs within seconds
  • Centralized storage access
  • Reduce brochure costs

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