Printing Studio

Printing Studio Suite satisfies all CAD related needs in the textile, fashion, and design industries. Process any image and transform it into a relevant textile design. Combine, match and create coordinating patterns and design collections. Create new colorways using intuitive color tools and color matching systems. Import color ideas from older collections and refresh them.
Create high quality prints and use the most advanced textile design storyboard and layout editor in the market. Email color consistent views to your business partners across the world. Thanks to its modular design, Printing Studio Suite can be tailored to your requirements. Printing Studio Suite includes three base modules to help you process your flat or tonal projects:

Streamline your process with these add-ons:

NedGraphics Calibration: Color calibration software for monitors and printers developed for processing graphic images and photos.
Storyboard & Cataloging Pro: Present fabric designs, garment sketches, and color standards with all related merchandising content in one place.