Easy Map Creator Pro

Easy Map Creator Pro allows you to process existing product photographs so that different design and color options can be realistically presented. The new product renderings can be printed or shared as digital files to provide impressive content for presentation boards, product catalogs, advertising, packaging, and websites. High quality mappings either printed or viewed online are virtually indistinguishable from actual product photographs.

Features & Benefits

  • Load photographs of existing products so that new content can be photo-realistically superimposed and rendered.
  • Import and apply new designs that originate from scans of actual fabric or exported from any design software.
  • Render prints, wovens, knits, floorcovering, wallcovering, automotive, and all other types of fabrications.
  • Designs are sized so that the rendering is true to life scale.
  • The exclusive mapping process creates movement in the applied designs so that the resulting image appears to be an authentic photograph.
  • Shading from the original photo is automatically preserved, which also preserves the realism of the depth.
  • Resulting mapping can be printed with a digital printer on glossy paper and shown as an actual photo for customer presentations or in-house decisions.
  • Export final mapping in standard graphic formats such as TIFF or JPEG.
  • As with any high-quality image, the file can be used as content for catalogs, advertising, packaging, and web graphics.

two screen shots of beds side by side showing how to create virtual room scenes that look like photography

Create virtual room scenes that are visually indistinguishable from photography

screen shot of two different mens shirts showing how to apply designs to create products

Apply any design to create authentic products

screen shot of a womens clothing website showing how to export virtual products for web content

Export virtual products for website content

three screen shots of beds showing how easy map pro tools make the draping of the comforters look real

Sophisticated tools give draping movement that is essential for quality

screen shot of easy map pro tools that can apply designs or appliqués

Apply designs or appliqués with precise placement