Easy Coloring

Easy Coloring provides all the tools you need to recolor images from all modules within the Design Studio. With a full complement of options for managing color, this well tested and industry proven solution is actually fun to use, while offering incredible productivity. You can be up and running in a matter of hours creating beautiful print, knit, and woven fabrics. Color variations for each design are automatically saved within the file so you can easily track and archive all of your ideas.

Precise color matching is the name of the game and Easy Coloring can accurately control the output on virtually any type of printer. Compatible with NedGraphics color calibration; you can utilize Easy Coloring as your controlled color management environment Simply create your custom color atlases with your preferred naming and formatting then drag and drop your colors wherever you want. What could be easier?

Features & Benefits:

  • Create color variations for any type of design or fabric including prints, knits, wovens, wallcoverings, and floorcoverings.
  • Save and manage all color variations within one main file.
  • Input custom color atlases, that will correspond with seasonal colors, collection colors, color libraries, and color trends.
  • Utilize color palettes, maximizing the total number of colors achievable on any output devise.
  • Match color standards precisely on any output printer without trial and error.
  • Apply monitor and printer profiles.
  • Print images with color chips and with all necessary related information.
  • Ensure accurate color matching in production.
  • Advanced print layout capabilities.
  • Very affordable color management solution.
screen shot showing how to generate and view an unlimited number or color variations for each design

Generate and view an unlimited number or color variations for each design

screen shot demonstrating how to import color palettes.

 Pull colors from custom and seasonal color atlas

screen shot demonstrating how to view and recolor prints knits and woven designs at the same time

View and recolor prints, knits and woven designs, all at the same time

screen shot showing how to apply calibration profiles for the screen and printer

Apply calibration profiles for screen and printer

screen shot showing the coloring assistant scrolling thru seasonal colors

Coloring assistant scrolls thru seasonal colors