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Stay organized and save time with NedGraphics Design Finder™, an all-new file manager and browser utility that makes it easier than ever to find the designs you're looking for and collaborate with your team.

Use Design Finder to store and manage NedGraphics™ files and non-native files for quick and universal access. Create collections to keep your current projects organized by type, designer, customer, or status, and categorize your files by entering custom file information (metadata) - including keywords, design color, name, and number of colorways - to easily search for designs.

View design thumbnails and preview colorways within Design Finder™, then right-click a design to open the original file and make edits. Save your changes and view the updated files in Design Finder on multiple users' stations.

Design Finder™ is available as an add-on application for many NedGraphics™ programs.

Features & Benefits

  • Categorize and search using metadata, including color, type, program, design name, collection and custom keywords.
  • Store and share designs, motifs, color palettes, etc. across multiple locations and teams.
  • Streamline your workflow by keeping all your artwork and design files organized.
  • Preview designs and important file information including thumbnails, color, number of colorways, type, customer name, etc.
  • Drag and drop multiple file types, including flats and sketches, from Design Finder™ into Storyboard & Cataloging Pro™. Easily fill the sketches by dragging and dropping fabrics from Design Finder™.
  • Compatible with NedGraphics Printing Studio™, Fashion Studio™, Dobby Pro™, Easy Weave™, and Easy Knit™.
  • Open and edit original files in various applications directly from Design Finder™.
  • Create collections to easily group by designer, project, status, etc.
  • Ability to export an entire collection at once.

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